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Hypoglycemia is an metabolic-endocrine syndrome, accompanied by adrenergic and neuroglycopenic manifestations. The first group of erectile dysfunction pills is due to an increase in the synthesis of norepinephrine, the second is determined by the response of the central nervous system. The progressive increase in clinical signs of hypoglycemia, the lack of emergency care leads to coma. Pathology usually develops in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, occasionally in individuals without glucose metabolism disorders.

According to buy ed pills cheap, the prevalence of hypoglycemia among patients with diabetes is 45-65%. Lethal outcome is observed in 2-4% of cases of hypoglycemic coma. Sudden hypoglycemia is caused by a high rate of breakdown and excretion of glucose, exceeding the rate of its absorption in the intestine and / or production in the liver. In clinical endocrinology, a serious condition is more often detected in decompensated insulin-dependent diabetes, in such cases it is almost impossible to establish the cause of coma. In other variants of the disease, external provoking factors become.

Wrong dosage of insulin. Hypoglycemicthe condition is provoked by a discrepancy between the amount of the administered drug and the volume of sugar absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. A similar situation is possible, for example, if there is an error in choosing the volume of the syringe. Insulin delivery error. A triggering factor may be a violation of the injection technique. Strengthening the action of insulin occurs with accidental or deliberate intramuscular administration of the drug, rubbing the injection site.

Non-compliance with the rules of nutrition. Glucose deficiency can be caused by skipping meals, especially if the patient is using short-acting insulin. A similar state is possible when performing high physical activity, increasing energy costs. Alcohol intake. Usually, patients take into account the sugar content in alcoholic beverages, but forget about their hypoglycemic effect. Ethyl alcohol inhibits the production of glucose from non-carbohydrate compounds in liver cells. The amount of alcohol consumed is proportional to the duration of inhibition of gluconeogenesis, coma may develop some time after intoxication.

When the sensitivity of cells to insulin increases, a reduction in the dosage of hormones is required.

If the treatment is not corrected, the dosage of the drug becomes excessive. Organ diseases. Coma is caused by accompanying diabetes mellitus pathologies of internal organs and systems.

A reduced concentration of glucose is found in dystrophic changes in the liver, impaired absorption of nutrients from the intestines, chronic kidney failure, and hormonal imbalance.

The development of a state of hypoglycemia is provoked by a decrease in blood sugar levels to 4 mmol / l and below.

In patients with diabetes mellitus, whose body is adapting to a state of hyperglycemia, it is not the absolute indicator of ed pills usa that is taken into account, but a rapid decrease in its concentration by 5 mmol / l or more.
The risk of hypoglycemic coma in this group of people exists even with normal and slightly reduced sugar, because for the functioning of the central nervous system it is not the absolute value of glycemia that is important, but its relative stability.

With a sharp decrease in sugar, nerve tissues cannot quickly reorganize to buy erectile dysfunction medication less concentrated glucose.